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About Marketing Counts


A Traditional Seattle Marketing Agency Gets Traditional Results. Time for the Extraordinary!

Marketing Counts is a highly-experienced full-service Seattle marketing agency delivering results for both our corporate and small business clients. We bring innovative solutions to your business. We believe that traditional marketing leads to traditional results. Let us help you get extraordinary results today!


What Make Us The Premiere Seattle Marketing Agency

You are not just another number to us! We are your marketing partner, and we take a 360-degree look at your business. Our focus is on ensuring all aspects of your marketing is in place to maximize your ROI!

Explore Our Milestones And See How It All Began


March 1999

Paul Counts, our Co-Founder and CMO, discovered that you can effectively leverage the Internet for more clients back in junior high school. He found that he could communicate and sell custom apparel to schools throughout the state of Washington from his parent’s computer. He discovered how to get emails opened and to reach his market effectively.

March 2001

At 16 Counts launched the Cuda Apparel Estores which were individual stores optimized for schools and organizations to do online fundraising. At this point he also built a strategic partnership with to deliver their first online store selling officially licensed Washington State University merchandise.

March 2006

Leveraging his experience of search engine optimization, backlinking, and online PR for the apparel company that got him into marketing, Counts started his own digital marketing agency. He helped clients across the United States unleash the power of the Internet for their business.

March 2006

Shreya Banerjee, our other Co-founder, started her online entrepreneurial journey. She quickly discovered how to generate traffic and sales through Google Ads (previously Adwords) and started content marketing.

March 2008

Banerjee continued to expand her online marketing expertise into leveraging the power of content marketing for free traffic and backlinks. Meanwhile, Counts was growing his ecommerce pet business and sold an online coffee company for a client after growing it’s sales and revenue. It was also in this year that Counts generated a first page Google listing for both “pet supplies” and “coffee”.

March 2011

Counts started the Real Guys brand, a digital marketing and online business educational company, which quickly grew from $0 to over $3 Million annual sales. It served tens of thousands of customers globally teaching them the basics of running an online business. Banerjee continued to grow and expand her online business.

March 2016

Banerjee created her first of several digital marketing courses. This one empowering regular people to build WordPress websites that generate consistent revenue. Counts started a partnership with Nicheology, one of the first websites for providing licensed content to entrepreneurs, and built it into a successful launch.

March 2018

Our Co-Founders met at a live marketing event and a few months later held their first live digital marketing training event in Seattle. After the success of this event, they decided to officially launch Marketing Counts and bring their unique and combined experiences to businesses.

March 2020

We continue to serve both large and small businesses through our FTE Formula for success. Banerjee and Counts also entered into a partnership with Online Sales Pro to deliver marketing training and marketing direction to their community of entrepreneurs. We also started a partnership with Washington DECA to deliver marketing curriculum to high school students in the state of Washington. We celebrate the success of our clients and look forward to the many people ahead impacted by our training.

Are You Ready To Grow Your Business?

We are fully committed and focused on the development of your business! More traffic, more leads, more sales! Let’s get started!

Our Founders

Shreya Banerjee

She has over 11 years of experience and expertise in the power and aviation industry as a process engineer and lean leader for a multi-billion dollar international corporation and routinely managed projects totaling over $50 million dollars. She is Six Sigma certified as well as Google Ads, Google Display Ads, & SEMRush Certified.

She brings leadership skills, tech skills, and an understanding of processes that make her one of the leading trainers and consultants in the marketing world today!

Let her give you the processes you need to accelerate the growth of your practice.


Paul Counts

Mr. Counts started his first business in high school and has now been running a successful online business for over 22 years. He is well versed in many facets of digital marketing, including social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, link building, paid advertising, digital marketing planning, and more.


His strategies have proven to be effective across a variety of niche markets including, though not limited to: healthcare professionals, major non-profits, professional athletes, world-class speakers and authors, the largest church in the United States, the leading hair restoration service, a leading coffee retailer, and a leading kitchen supply seller to name a few.


He is also a movie producer, former radio show host, author, and an internationally recognized information product creation expert who has created products for professional athletes and best-selling authors. He has sold millions in just info products and digital services with projects he is a partner of thanks to his innovative approach to obtaining clients online.


Mr. Counts’ outside the box thinking has helped take many people, practices, and businesses to the next level of success!